My morning present from my grandma ❤




Having high tea at a Bachelorette party


Multi-coloured balls #chinesedessert


Kimchi chewy steak ramen tonight


Beautiful pieces of art with beautiful live jazz music tonight


Mouth watering foie gras sushi!


Live band


Only 4 more numbers!


Bingo is so stressful!


Mirror Mirror with a kid’s combo. #iamachild


Lovely dangling flowers


At this rate, I am not going to lose weight. Strawberry sago 🍓


Today’s workout has pretty much gone to waste. Devouring my takeout Kahlua coffee cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory #sogood #buffalo


Three pair of new shoes for a total of $47! #awesomeness #buffalo


In ❤ with my new Kate Spade ring and earrings


Good Friday dessert night


Free frozen yogurt at the Orthodontics #awesomeness


Our way of dim sum.


The Easter bunny pooped on my chair



383 photos




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