I design, draw, sketch, blog, sew, stitch, make, photograph, tweet, bake, cook, pin and love all kinds of pretty things. I am a food blogger, not a food critic. I take pictures of my food and all sorts of random things.  I am a graphic designer and also an amateur baker. I run a side business of customized baked goods with a partner. I collect pictures of customized license plates and post them on the web. I am an occasional shopaholic and I can shop at the Dollar Shop for an hour. I like to have fun and explore new things. I like to DIY and make stuffs out of the ordinary items found at home. I enjoy every bits in my life and am proud to share everything with everyone.

{ every little thing } like its name, is about all fabulous things that I like to share. It used to be my diary which documents every bits and pieces of my life including, style & fashion, makeup, diets, DIY projects, activities, travel, food and recipes. I feel that there are so many inspiring and wonderful things that we can learn from and admire from. Cherish, appreciate and be creative with even the tiniest thing, the world will be bright and beautiful that way.

{ Where you can find me }

My Baking business ❤ Sweet Chalet

My License plates collection ❤ The Plateground

My Design Blog ❤ Blog of Design that Tastes Good

My Crafting projects ❤ Cut Out and Keep