Timex – my new love

My friend, wickyiu works for Timex. He sent me his company website one day and told me I could pick any watch there as my birthday present. My first thought was like… seriously? How am I going to find something I like from Timex??? I was never a fan and had never worn one even when I was in elementary. After quite sometime digging through the website, I actually found something I like. That is the Vintage Original 1960’s collection. I spent a good two days deciding if I should go with the brown leather strap or the white strap and finally I landed on the brown. When it arrived, I was in amazement. Very good quality and very elegant. It comes with a nice gift box and the watch has an indigo light when you press it with the side button. Who knew I could find something so attractive from Timex? Lesson learned, never judge a book by its (name?). It was well liked when I posted the pictures on Facebook. Such a lovely gift.
{Vintage Originals 1960’s from Timex }
{ Classy and elegant }

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