My Birthday Gift Card Spending Spree Day Trip

For this year’s birthday, I’ve decided to do something different. Something I’ve been planning since few years ago. That is to go on a GIFT CARD SPENDING SPREE DAY TRIP on my own! It sounds like a really exciting day already, doesn’t it? Apparently I have “collected” a bunch of gift cards from over the years and have not spent any yet. So I think maybe it’s time to do it all in one go and see how that will turn out. I also did some googling and find out that there’s a lot of birthday freebies in Toronto as well. I took a full day planning my entire schedule for my birthday so that I can make the most out of my day without spending a penny.

Gift cards, gift certificates and coupons!

Let the spending spree begin!

Starbuck's Gift Card!

10:00 A.M - Breakfast at Starbucks, Main street

My big breakfast: Tuna melt Panini, Fruit salad and Skinny Iced Mocha with Whipped Cream. (and no, I don't eat breakfast like this on a regular basis)

12:00 P.M: Full Body Massage Therapy (Oh yes, that was relaxing!)

Tim Horton's Gift Cards!

1:45 P.M: Lunch at Tim Horton's

My relatively small lunch after a big breakfast.

Tasty House Stamp Card!

2:15 P.M: Afternoon Bubble Tea, Market Village, with my 10-year-old stamp card. Time to redeem.

My favourite drink, Mango slush with tapioca. Glad my stamp card is still valid after 10+ years...

It's been awhile ❤

Sephora Gift Card!

3:00 P.M Sephora! at Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Got a Marc Jacobs perfume ring with the gift card. What a win ♥

Can't wait to wear it~

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Ring

My Marc Jacobs perfume ring

I love statement rings like these

Holt Renfrew gift cards!

4:00 P.M: Holt Renfrew!— at Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Kate Spade - New Bond Street Florence Marc by Marc Jacobs - Classic Q Francesca Tote

I had a very difficult time deciding which bag I should go for. I spent more hours than I should at Holt and I must say I underestimated my decision-making ability. But at last, I’ve decided to go for a more versatile and durable bag.

with winning Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote!

The winning bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Tote!

7:00 P.M Apple Store! @ Fairview Shopping Centre.

iMac 27 inch

iMac! You're finally mine!

8:00 P.M Meeting up with family for birthday dinner at Raa Japanese Cuisine

Yummy sushis

and also fresh oysters, just to name a few of what we ordered...

10:00 P.M - Meeting up with boyfriend to enjoy the rest of the night at Sen5es Restaurant & Bar

pistachio crumble crunch

Mango Lime cheesecake

This birthday spending spree day trip is quite a hectic but enjoyable experience. I realize trying to spend all my gift cards and get all the birthday freebies in one day is quite ambitious and difficult. I think I have too much fun that I extend the day trip till the next day, claiming my birthday freebies at Menchi’s. I have to say, I am quite spoiled on my birthday this year.

Menchi's card!

Next Day at 2:00 P.M - Redeeming my birthday freebies at Menchi's!


My Menchi's with waffle all free!

I know not everyone is able to collect that many gift cards and spend them at all like the way I did. But don’t worry, there are a lot of birthday freebies offered everywhere in Toronto.

Here’s a list of freebies that I was trying to accomplish:

  1. Starbucks (gift card) √
  2. Tim Horton’s (gift card) √
  3. Full Body Massage (gift card) √
  4. Facial (gift card)
  5. Spa (gift card)
  6. One-person Karaoke (gift coupon)
  7. Bubble Tea (stamp card) √
  8. Sephora (gift card) √
  9. Forever 21 (gift card)
  10. Holt Renfrew (gift card) √
  11. Apple Store (gift card) √
  12. Menchi’s (stamp card) √
Other Birthday Freebies offered throughout Toronto:
  • What a Bagel (Free dozen bagels on your birthday!)
  • Menchi’s (Free $5 coupon on your birthday when you register online) √
  • Sephora (Free gift on your birthday!) √
  • Dry Cleaning (Free drying cleaning service from Parker Dry Cleaning)
  • Ontario Place (Free Toronto Star Play all day pass, including IMAX® 3D Cinesphere)
  • Boston Pizza (Free starter and a coupon for free gourmet pasta on your birthday from signing up to the newsletter)
  • Hotel Gelato (Free gelato from Hotel Gelato on your birthday from signing up newsletter)
  • Dlish (Free cupcake on your birthday)
  • Medieval Times (Free admission with another purchased admission)
  • Starbucks (Free drink if you register a card online)
  • Casey’s (Free meal with a paying friend)

What a happy Birthday!


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