The Royal Tea Experience

I had the honour to attend a fancy afternoon tea with a close friend last weekend at the historical Royal York Hotel. It was a very nice experience. Quality pastries, superb service, elegant decor, comfy environment, a well spent afternoon to catch up with a friend. I felt like a total noob for this, a  noob coming from a suburban town to a fancy tea in downtown. At least it gave me an idea of how high class people spend their afternoon in the old days. The whole tea lasted approximately 2 hours long and I was glad that I did not have lunch beforehand because I was quite full by the end of it.  Here is a breakdown of the whole afternoon set menu.

My cup of tea: Berry berry tea

I normally don’t drink tea nor I am fond of tea but this tea combines flavours of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries which make it less bitter and more fruity.

Crumpets with fresh berries and natural honey coming from their own beehives!

First off was the English crumpets with fresh berries and their own honey coming from their own beehive! It was my first time tasting natural honey from the beehive. It really tasted so much better than store bought honey. It was quite refreshing to be a starter.

Various tomatoes with Mozzarella on baquette, roasted turkey with cucumber & apple cider mayo sandwich, Pears, goat cheese,balsamic berry with greens on baquette, smoked salmon with onions sandwich

Second to our table was this plate of sandwiches. My favourite this round was surprisingly the tomatoes on a baquette.

Pastry Platter

And of course, what I had been waiting for, the pastry platter! I seriously didn’t know where to begin. But since the swan puffs look daringly beautiful, I’ll save them for last.

Warm scorns from the oven!

The freshly baked scorns were delicious. My first time trying a scorn so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It looked a bit dry on the outside but the inside was quite soft and moist.

Middle plate: Lemon Almond slices, mincemeat tart, Honey white chocolate madeline's, flourless cranberry chocolate cake.

My friend called the chocolate cake, “the cake of excellence with a dash of awesomeness” because it melts entirely in your mouth. It was so smooth and sweet. The cherries on top was a nice touch, it lessens the sweetness and bring out the cherry flavour. My favourite though, was the lemon almond slices.  It was fresh and “citrusy” sweet. The tiny bits on top were crispy and crunchy.

Top plate: Swan cream puffs and fresh fruit tarts

This top plate looked really pretty but it wasn’t as good as I imagined it to be. Perhaps I was already stuffed. During this experience I learned that tea was really crucial as it helps you digest in between plates and clear off your taste buds before another piece. And can you believe that I was allowed to doggy bag a few pieces extra home? Not me!


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