My Diet Journey: Toast Pizza

Way back when I was a little kid, there was this TV show in the kid’s channel that teaches young kids how to make simple and yummy snacks with their parents. I remembered one of the snacks was the toast pizza. It looked amazingly delicious and simple to make (well, I was a kid back then, everything looks yummy) So now, I decided to try out for the first time as my breakfast while staying within the South Beach Diet restrictions. You can put anything on your pizza really, everyone has their own preference for pizza toppings, but since this is for breakfast, I like to have mine with ham, onions and cheese.

Toast Pizza


1 pc of Whole grain bread (1 slice = one serving)

2 tbsp of Salsa sauce (mine has chunky bits)

1 slice of non-fat cheddar cheese (or any kind of cheese you like on your pizza)

1 tbsp of chopped onions

1 slice of ham, cut into tiny pieces (or any toppings you normally like on your pizza such as, turkey bacon, chicken breasts etc)


1. Put cheese on top of bread.

2. Spread salsa sauce evenly onto bread.

3. Sprinkle chopped onions or other toppings you wish to include.

4. Add in ham (or the topping you want), distribute evenly onto bread.

5. Add a bit more salsa sauce.

6. Put into toaster oven for 5-8 minutes, like how you would normally toast your bread, until crispy.

7. Serve hot.

Healthy and crispy toast pizza for your breakfast!


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