Mad Men Makeover

I know I have been blogging all about food and my South Beach Diet journey lately but this is not what this blog is all about. Like what the title says, it should be about “every little thing”, not just “every little food” I eat. So I decided to write about the birthday party that I attended recently with the Mad Men theme. I have yet to watch a single episode of it but based on what my friends told me, it’s a good TV show in the 60s setting. I love dressing up to theme parties. I enjoy being a different person once awhile. But this theme is actually quite a headache for me, how do I dress up for Mad Men when I know nothing about it? Thanks to Google, I have everything I need to undertake this dress up party. Here is some background research for ideas:

So after I did my research, I pretty much have an idea of what to do. Like how I normally do things, I first find whatever I need from my house and in this case, my closet. Ah-Ha! Look what I found.

A form-fitted dress (Winners), A pair of satin gloves (H&M), and a camel hand purse (Aldo)

Puffy Dress Jacket (Forever 21)

I decided to go for the form fitted look as I think it is classy and elegant and ties in with the rest of my outfit better. I also found a puffy dress that I can use as a spring jacket of some sort.  Next thing I need to find is my accessories to go with the look. I need a brooch, long necklace and a pair of matching earrings, preferably in gold, as I think gold is more classic and popular in that era. So I dig into my mom’s limited jewelery box and fortunately she has a few brooches that she got as gifts. I now gather these items for accessories:

Gold Heart-shaped Pendent Necklace (gift from a friend), a pair of gold pearl earrings (Zipia), and my mom's brooch

And then shoes…I think a maroon colour pumps will make my grey tone outfit pop. (They also have gold buckles!)

Maroon Pumps with straps (HK)

Lastly…and most importantly is the main core of the look, the Hair! I’ve never tried doing a beehive hairdo even though I’ve always wanted to try but I just think it’s too overdone if I wear it normally. Alas, I have this occasion now! So I must do the hair! The trickiest part of this hairdo is how to make your hair at the crown of your head to stay in the bump shape? To help me, I went to the Dollarama and bought this:

Bumpits! (Dollarama) only $2! Do not buy from Walmart, it's $20 Rip off~

Anybody who wants to try doing beehive hairdo for the first time, I recommend to go buy this bumpits at a dollar shop. Normally, it costs $10-20 in places like Wal-mart. I always think it’s a rip off. I’m glad Dollarama sells them too! Score! With everything I need and have, I’ve finally achieved my look.

In love with my beehive hairdo!

Pretty good for someone who has not watched Mad Men, right?

I love how it turns out! Hope there’s another chance for me to do it again!

Behind the scenes:


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