My Diet Journey: Date Night at Milestones

I can’t believe how many temptations there are around me lately, especially today! First off, Baskin Robbin’s is having its annual 31 cent scoop night, second, Milestones is also having a free date night special which offers pretty much buy one get one free and lastly, it’s my parent’s 32nd wedding anniversary. Great. I really need to concentrate on my diet plan and the best way to do this is to resist any eating out opportunities. But, family always comes first…so I ended up going out and pay for the bill as well. *sob*

Thank God, it’s not too bad of a line up. I got there at 4 pm to leave my name down on their waiting list and it was pouring dog poo that time. When I got back, it was already 7 and the line up was long. Glad that we were still able to get in and claim our “reserved” seats. So, I was very conscious of what I am going to order for dinner and luckily, I’m already on my South Beach Diet Phase 2, so more choices available for me. We ordered a Mediterranean Bruschetta Flatbread as a starter, which comes with tomatoes, feta cheese, arugula, basil and balsamic dressing. Yes, I can eat everything there, except maybe the flatbread because I still have to stay away from having too much carbs or at least white flour.

Mediterranean Bruschetta Flatbread

For my entree, I ordered this Angus Beef Top Sirloin with Chilean Crab and Tiger Shrimp in Lobster butter sauce. I’m so glad that I can indulge the sirloin steak in this diet plan as well as seafood. The only problem of this dish is probably the lobster butter sauce. Ah, that’s okay, only a small portion and for tonight. I substituted the garlic mashed potatoes with more vegetables and the dish also comes with a big plate of salad. And of course, I asked for a garden salad instead of Caesar salad…

Garden Salad that comes with my sirloin

Angus Beef Top Sirloin with Chilean Crab and Tiger Shrimp in Lobster Butter Sauce

Indulging my sirloin steak

I cleared pretty much everything on my plates and felt quite full. The good thing about this diet is that I don’t have to starve myself and still be able to lose weight! How wonderful is that?


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