My Diet Journey: Omelette Pizza

It’s my last day of my south beach diet phase 1!!! I’m so excited to bring back some breads, fruits as well as fruit-flavoured yogurts!!! I’m so excited! I know I have to do it gradually but still I haven’t been eating anything with sugar for 2 weeks! That’s sooo long!!! I’m glad it’s done and I lost 8 lbs so far in these past 2 weeks. So I have to say I’m quite proud of myself. I’ve never been so successful on a diet before…now to maintain and continue losing more while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I’ll have to make sure I stick with phase 2 as hard as phase 1.

For breakfast on this special day, I made Omelette Pizza! (actually it is pretty much just a normal omelette, I just want to make it sound fancier so I feel better)

I put red and green peppers, tomatoes and onions with non-fat cheddar cheese. I sprinkled some pepper at the end and topped with some heated salsa sauce. It’s just like pizza except healthy and no carbs! You can also add some ham or turkey if you feel that you need some meat on a pizza.

Add heated salsa sauce on top


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