Best day of my life

Today is the best day of my life.

I should date back to where it all began… the Fall Tour of Interactive Studios. If it wasn’t because of this tour I wouldn’t be able to get to where I am now. If it wasn’t because of this very kind friend of mine, I wouldn’t have known about this tour. No words can express my thankfulness and the happiness at this moment. Thank you God, thank you friend(s) and thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

I was really glad to be able to participate the tour, because usually I wasn’t the  aggressive type in networking, socializing and meeting new people. So I actually hold back a bit when my friend first recommended me about this tour and how it would benefit me. Good thing he kept pushing, otherwise I would have missed this great tour. There were more than 400 people who registered the event and were divided into groups to visit some of the design studios and ad agencies downtown. These two days of the tour were fabulous and inspiring. A lot of useful information, inspiring ideas and creative people to meet. I, of course didn’t want to waste this chance and did take the effort to introduce myself to the directors and exchanged some business cards. They really liked my business cards from what I saw, at least made a first good impression of myself as a designer. That really encouraged me a lot and boosted my confidence. The next day I woke up, I was already filled with tons of fresh ideas and couldn’t wait to start working on my portfolio pieces and website. I called it a creative overflow experience, something I missed for a good while.

For a non-stop 1 week, which I know was the most critical period before they forgot about meeting me at the event, I worked my ass off. Seriously. I did not go out at all and was very determined and focused on my work. The hard work did pay off in the end. I got hired to one of the largest ad agencies world wide 😀

At the club house

The building of TBWA/Toronto

Looking over Harbourfront

The official package!

A random person gave me a free coffee while I was reviewing my package. What a lucky day.


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