Ipad and I

As much as I love Apple’s products…the Ipad is not as useful or convenient as I hope it will be after trying it for the past few days. The most intriguing part of the ipad for me is the app component. You can do so many things with these apps and they are so much better working on the ipad than on the iphone. However, this is a "netbook" afterall… or a mini version of the laptop. I would hope to do so much more than just playing games and reading the news from it. So I tried to blog. Well…it wasn’t quite successful. First, it doesn’t come with a camera so I could not rely on taking my daily blog pictures with it..which is definitely a huge downfall for me since everyone knows I love taking pictures…
So then fine, I took pictures with my iphone and hope to transfer them onto the ipad via bluetooth…it doesn’t allow it. I must connect my ipad to the itunes on my computer in order to transfer these pictures….what a pain. So after getting the images onto my ipad…I tried to upload them to my blog…FAIL again. The ipad doesn’t support flash! so I couldn’t upload anything…I tried to do so via email publishing…but then that would turn out to be a picture per blog entry…-__-" because you can only attach one image per email….so afterwards..i gave up. I decided to tweet. I finally email my picture to my flickr account and from which I could then tweet. Wow..that whole process took me 30 mins if not more. I might as well stick with the apps and just read news from it.

My conclusion of the ipad: It is a Smart Iphone and a Dumb Mac Computer.

More photos and In Depth Review of the Ipad  > ♥ Ipad ♥


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