Happy Chinese New Year {DIY: Felt Cherry Blossoms Tutorial}

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Valentine’s!
In chinese culture, cherry blossom is a symbolic representation of love, it is said to help boost your love life. During Chinese New Year, the cherry blossom becomes one of the most popular flowers to bring good fortune and love. And so I decided to make a felt cherry blossom for myself. Since it will never die, it should bring me good fortune forever… haha.. I wish all of you a good fortune and a prosperous love life =D
DIY: Felt Cherry Blossoms Tutorial
1. First you need to cut out your pieces from the template. Feel free to use mine or you can adjust your own size to fit your taste*The circles are for the closures of the twig.
2. Select your colours.
I use hot pink as the main body colour and light pink as the inner part of the blossom. Brown for the twig.

3. Blanket stitch around the 2 pieces of the blossom together, leaving an opening to fill in with stuffing. I use pink thread here.Tips: I tend to use the pencil to stuff the stuffing into the tiny areas so it will look fuller when it is done.

4. Now stitch the small inner piece on top of the blossom you just did with brown thread. Start from underneath at the center and stitch at all 5 “corners” of the blossom. Continue these steps to create as many blossoms as you wish on your twig.

Tips: I stitched the same spot twice so that the brown will look thicker and more visible to see.

5. For the twig part, roll the brown felt to the same diameter of your circles from the template. Fill the roll with stuffing. Stitch the two ends with the circles for closure. Repeat with different lengths to create the “branches” and stitch them altogether.

Tips: I also stuff a bamboo stick inside along with the stuffing just so the twig will hold its place and not bend when the blossoms are stitched on.

6. Now, just stitch all your blossoms onto the twig. Make sure the blossoms are spread apart evenly.

And you’re done!


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