Where are you, my Mr. Right?

It was a fabulous saturday to go out with my lovely ladies to shop at downtown. We shopped at FXII and spent an hour at Aldo Outlet for shoes. I found this gorgeous black peep toe heel on the display rack. After I got my size I realize the right foot of the shoe was missing from the box. I had to find it back from the display rack…I asked almost the entire crew and had all my friends to find me the missing right foot but nobody seemed to know where it went…TT_TT… It was the prefect shoe! Perfect size! perfect colour that I’ve been looking for so long!!!! OMG!!! who would have taken just the right foot of size 7???? it was really frustrating!!!! and it was on sale with a 50% discount too!!! sigh…where are you, my mr. right?
This is what it looks like….it will go so well with a lot of my outfit!
Fortunately, i was able to purchase another pair of heels that I was searching for at a great price as well. At least that made up my other pathetic shoe…this is how the pair looks like…


After a long day of shopping for clothes, I introduced my girls to this cosmetic shop at this Korean supermarket upper deck in Korean Town. We each got few samples and bought some nail polish and creams. We had korean table cooking and spicy rice cakes for dinner at The Korea House.
After that, we went back to that supermarket and got some ice creams for desserts XD
I had a Fishy Red Bean Ice Cream Sandwich…normally I wouldn’t pick out anything with red bean in it but the form of it was so irresistible. So I tried it and it was soooo good! the blend of vanilla ice cream and red bean paste inside was perfect and not too sweet and of course, the fish was super cute!

It was a satisfying day for all of us.

{ Korea House }
666 Bloor St West, The Annex
Toronto, ON M6G1L2


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