My awesome flashbacks

Haven’t wrote my blog in awhile..I guess I should start picking up where I left off…
Last friday, December 5
It was such great day for me….I technically had no work..I went downtown to a conference to help out set up the booth and promote stuffs..I was introduced to all the customers who I designed stuffs for…I went around the conference and talked to different kinds of people… I guess it kinda helped boost up my socializing skills a bit.
The conference wasn’t really big at all.. it was held in the Weston Harbour Conference centre…they had live bands and other performances… The bands were awesome..although they were all christian based songs…but i was very touched and went with the crowd. The best thing in da conference was to see people wearing my t-shirts! haha…it was an extremely nice feeling… i couldnt’ even describe it in words…I finally got some job satisfaction and i felt my passion came back once again.
Even so, the booth beside us was World Vision’s…their staffs were wearing the hoodies that I designed for the 30 hour famine as well!!! ❤ I almost wanted to go and take pictures with them.. and I was so happy i got to meet them in person and tell them proudly that i was the designer of these items…
That night , i head over to connie’s and club with the girls ..we had dinner at Eggspectation..cuz i love eggs…haha.. we went to Embassy..had a great time.
We each got some great stories to share afterwards. The next day…we went out and shopped together and went for HOTPOT…what a fabulous weekend…
December 11.
I had an amazing night last night at the Asian ad festival with my beloved friends…It was not a huge event but a lot of my ex-colleages and friends went.
It was like an ocad reunion and even a ex-company reunion for was to see everyone once again and had a decent chat…
There was only 4 freelance booths that night..and 2 belongs to my frds..haha…It was like attending to the grad show again…I got all excited and hyped up too…
The show itself was alright…there were few ones that are extremely funny…when it was over, we head over to Go For Tea for dinner and karen unwrapped all individual presents from all of us… It didn’t feel like it was a thursday at all.. when we left…we realized we still had to go to work the next day….sigh….

2 thoughts on “My awesome flashbacks

  1. wow it must be soooo great to see people wearing your t-shirt!! Maybe you can post a pic on facebook or somewhere, so I can take a look at your master piece!! Good Job!! 🙂

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