Fine Dining Lunch and Hot Yoga

DSC05720 DSC05721

Octagon Interior @ Octagon

I'm waiting for my food

I’m waiting for my food…

French Onion Soup Escargots
❤ Onion Soup and Escargots!


My ❤ French onion soup!

Prime Rib

my main course: prime rib RARE

DSC05733 DSC05734 

Fine dining lunch @ The Oxtagon : Thanks to my boss, Liza

Creme Brulee Warm Chocolate Cake Tartufo

Wonderful desserts~ From the left to right: Creme Brulee (like the chinese steamed egg but more sweet and have a sugar coating on top), Warm chocolate cake (the cake has chocolate syrup inside, so when you eat the warm cake, the syrup will burst into ur mouth, very tasty, it served with vanilla icecream on a waffle bowl), tartufo (basically like icecream on the outside and another icecream in the inside but softer)

gret, tim, me gret, tim,me, mel, mike, constance, pat

I finally made it to Hot Yoga! even tho i got dizzy almost everytime after we finished a challenging move…but it was cool~ feels like lost jor 10 lbs but then for some reason my frds wana eat dinner n bbt afterwards… o_O wuz da point of doing yoga then?


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