Sing K @ C club

went to sing k at C club….(aka c cup) very cheap place…you can sing from 12pm-9pm and get 2 drinks for only $6! or you can pay $10 and get with a meal…i think we r going to come here whenever we have nothing to do…keke… to my surprise…my voice didn’t turn 沙 this time…usually my voice will became 沙 half way…n today….its not even 沙 when we r done…^^ so happy..but pat lost his voice completely…he cant even talk right now…haha
N then we joined victor and them for dinner @ the chef… to celebrate his belated birthday, even tho his party is coming soon….
Daven and them asked me to go dinner and dessert with them again today, and I rejected them again..feel bad tim.. o well… i was really busy today.. tomorrow they r going to go sing k again… they asked  me to go…but i duno if i should go sing k again……o_O


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