30 HF Arrival!!!

Today, I received my 30HF samples!!!! Although they are not the exact version of how it is going to look like, just a sample of how it is printed on the shirt and stuffs, but it gives me an idea of the actual final product!!!! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!
However, I almost made a huge mistake, I almost made Ray in big trouble, because I forgot to mention to the suppliers, what kind of dark charcoal is for the T-shirt. And the supplier and Ray both thought that the T-shirt colour will be the same as the design colour…@_@ i think it was my fault, but o well… its ok at the end. The client liked it and approved almost everything. I can’t wait to see the actual final product in december with everything, Hoodie, t-shirt, caps and frisbee!!!!

Went to latin dancing after, my partner was late again..but at least he came…. We learned bolero and mambo, next class we are going to learn to dance Cha Cha…can’t wait for that!^^


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