Happy Birthday Por Por! ^O^

Today is por por’s bday, went to eat a big dinner with her. I gave her some $ as a gift, she is very happy about it. I hope i can earn more and give her more $ in the future…. Happy Birthday Por Por, wish you always happy and forever healthy~

So much I wana do lately, but don’t what to start and how to start.
I wana sell all my clothes on ebay, but i realize every item i placed online, there’s a charge. And the charge depends on how much i sell that item….@_@ what a rip off~ i really need to plan this thing out before I do anything..need to calculate how many item im putting on, and what price range im setting, so i know how much i need to give to stupid ebay… i hope there’s another way of selling stuffs online… that is just doing a website of my own..but then..how do i advertise myself and let everyone know? o_O and then I need to get all my old clothes out and measure the size for each… i really don’t what’s da next step, perhaps taking pictures of them… n i might need to dress them n take pic of myself…which i dun really want…i hope there’s a 2nd hand shop where i can just sell my clothes to them and they sell them for me…then it will be so much easier.

And then I wana make my own crafts, such as my baby’s accessories, decorations for my room etc. But still gotta design it first and buy materials…. Now that i have a small sewing machine of my own, i can actually sew my own little purse. But then need to buy fabrics n design it first….-__-|||

And then I wana join my frds to learn Latin Dance..but who m i gona dance with? i need a friggin’ partner!!!! >.<"

I was proposing to Julia that we could design our own Super Dude’s t-shirt, buttons, figures to sell on facebook. We mite need to plan more and work our way through..if we r really gona do it…we have to put in some time again….

what should i do first now? how m i gona do each and every one? aii….add oil add oil….i can do it~


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