I had a feeling today would be a great day, because I arrived early today!!! (^o^)Y The first thing Big Alan told me was dat he wanted to talk to me… he told me there is one good news and one bad news..which one i wana hear first… so i said the bad news first…he said starting on january…our office hours will start from 9 – 5:30 pm…WHAT??? immediately i know he was da person suggesting that to liza and other bosses… just because he arrived early to work at 9 am and there are lotsa phone calls in the office..doesn’t mean EVERYONE needs to come to office n start working at 9 ga ma… besides…there’s usually nothing to do when its still that early. If he thinks someone needs to be there in the office n pick up phone calls…well, he can be the one. He was the one who arrived at 9 everyday in office anyways…nobody told him to arrive so damn early… n now he suggested to Liza that we should all start at 9…that’s so ridiculous!  I dun care what his reason was, i only know that i for sure will not like the new office hours no matter how close da office will be to my house in the future. So i told him my opinion, and he said he will take into account. well then we will see how it goes later on….><

And then, the good news come…he took out an envelope from the drawer and gave to me. He said this is a little gift from Liza and Ray as a appreciation of me working hard. YAY! I’m soooo surprise! even though it is only $500 bonus and not a raise from my salary but it still makes me very 感動!!!! I almost have tears running in my eyes! (TTvTT)

And then when I get home, i finally receive my autographed CD from Jason Chan!! although i don’t really listen to his songs but watever, its a free CD and i got his autograph with my name on it..kekekeke (^o^)b


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