Dress Hunt Continues…

First black dress with a ribbon tied to da side..i like it too..can be casual and semi-formal/cute da same time..just i think it reminds me of the material and very similar to the gown im going to wear in Grad Ceremony..V_V
Rating: 8/10


One of the white dresses that I tried on..reminds me of what the girls wear in Holland…I was gona buy this dress plus da grad dress together but when i came back after 10 mins …some other girl purchased it in front of my eyes…TT_TT

Rating: 8.5/10


The final dress that i found very closed to the one i want..except that it only has black left…TT_TT ..everyone thinks i look better with the black dress..but i hope they have the white one…

Rating: 9/10



A pair of shoes i tried on with a matching bag…



The shoes I like the most…but it costs $70…more than $500 HKG!!!!!!!

Rating: 9/10


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