David Tao Press Conference

Last day of work @ Tai Pan…finally quit !!! what a relief… ^o^ got to wake up later than before hahaha went to work n it was sooo boriing..i did back ups the whole day…nobody was at work..most people left so early to set up the press conference @ metro for David Tao…hahaha YAY me and jimmy left at 3:45 pm when we were supposed to leave at 4 hahaha o well who cares.nobody knows n i quited n e wayz…=P Luckily, kitty went early so we were in front of the line hahaha…we could see him so close. I totally blanked out when i was on stage with him…I was so speechless n nervous…>.<" i was too concentrate to take a picture with him…he said Hi to me n i didnt no what to say..I FORGOT TO TELL HIM MY NAME! @#$#@$%#@%$% NOOOOOOO >o<~~~~ o well but he is so nice..he shoke my hand kekekekekekekek n my frd helped me took a picture with him YAY!!!!!! (i risk myself of being "run light" in front of hundreds of cameras too >.<")

my name is Lorita ar >o<~~

check out more pictures here @ facebook


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