Korean Cooking

Went to Julia’s house to learn how to cook korean pork bone soup…but noooooooooo  we found out the korean frd was preparing to teach us Soon- Tofu instead…TT^TT nooo my stomach was already ready for pork bone soup….o well…da korean frd said it takes a lot of work to make pork bone soup at home…it usually take at least 2 hours wor…O_O n usually ppl go out to eat in a restaurant than cook it at home bcuz it takes a long while….=( n e wayz..so we took notes and video when she was cooking the food..she didn’t really teach at all..she just cooked everything very fast and precise….very ging! i wish i can cut everything so nicely and know how much salt to put in…we were all full at the end…really looks like da one in restuarant even tho it tastes a bit different than da ones from the restaurant haha… da sweet potato is really good tho..i dun really like eating to-fu but i still managed to finish da whole bowl….i hope i can be able to cook this very soon…>.<

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