RAINY DAY (^o^)/

I did the most crazy and embarassing thing of my life today….i still can’t believe i actually went on stage to play stupid games to try to win Rain’s concet ticket…but not as embarassing as my first time cuz dat was actually a live show in front of thousands of audience…Why can’t i win the tickets???? i want them sooo bad!!!!!! n they r sooo expensive too!!! >o< but thnx kitty for helping me to win the tickets even though she’s not part of it and not even a fan of him..just doing all these for me…really appreciated it..^^but too bad we lost both times on stage…damn it!!! o well…at least i got a bunch of posters and flyers and postcards..muahahhaha ^o^ i guess i’ll take that as a little comfort ^^;

Didn’t even do n e shopping today..haha occupied and distracted by Rain for the whole day..even got late to pick my brother up..oops..but then i finally saw a phone that i like…. soo pretty…. i wish the price will go down..or i can win the lottery soon (even tho i dun have a habit of buying lottery, i duno how else i would have da $ but watever ^^; ) hopefully my cellphone last long enough until i get enough $ to buy a new one…Y IS IT SO EXPENSIVE??

❤ X 1000000000


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