What a wonderful day~

I was late for an hour today for class…didn’t get enough sleep because i was doing my editorial and thesis hwk… after class was over…i waited kitty to go out shopping on Queen’s… cuz our next editorial class was at 3:15…had 3 hours free to do whatever we want… n then so we went… dim g around 2-ish..tony called us n told us our class got canceled!!!! WOOHOOOOOO ^o^ JENG~ PERFECT …!!! got more time to shop!!! but then…if our prof told us last nite or earlier…i would have not do da hwk last nite n could have gotten to sleep earlier…>.< but still good… got some stuffs for myself hahaha haven’t shopping for so long…need to reward myself for being so hardworking these past days..I saw a very pretty yellow sparkly dress…i tried it on..it was soooooo leng….i love it a lot!!! but its $90!!! i wana buy it sooooo bad…but i no i will hardly have an occasion to wear it….how come we dun have grad ball dinner??? all the other U has one!!! stupid OCAD…..soooo cheap~~!!!! I wana buy this dress and wear it!!! n then later I bought myself a juicy charm bracelet… it was very leng…i duno if i should buy it..but da sales said its a very cheap price and its da last one already.. so then i ended up buying it…. da box was sooooo nice…. but then later i realize there’s a "made in china" sticker at the bottom of the box…>_< so does dat mean i got 坤-ed n purchased jor a fake one? f#ck #$@%$^ It was our last hip hop class today..it was tiring as usual…need to practice more on my dance moves…^^

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