Grad Photo Day

Didn’t really get enough sleep last nite…OT for 3 hours…went home n dead tired…This morning Julia, kitty and I r going to take our grad photos …great~ >.< Took me forever to figure out if i should have my photos done with straight hair or curly hair…i think i have equal votes for both of it really didn’t help me…i actually prefer going for curly a bit more just cuz all my previous grad photos were in straight hair..thought this one should be something different. but then…my closest frds n bf think i look better with straight hair..n im afraid i will look chubby with curly n bad with da then i ended up going for straight again ^^;; stupid kitty made me bring all the props in so we can be silly in our casual buddy photos… n then n then for my casual photos..the photographer mo la la want to experiment on me and did a black and white portrait of me without smiling..(i could have adjust normal pix to black n white in photoshop tho..) and then he told me to pose standing up..o_O facing back at da camera and turn my head towards my shoulders (the tyra banks’ pose) and one i had to lie my whole body down on the bench..n i was wearing a skirt too! i had never taken grad pix like model photo shoot..hopefully it will turn out good..if not..i will kill da photographer…really bad…>___<
n then we also stole the hat and took random pictures wearing it..haha

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