March 9 – Vanessa’s Bday

Its a friday, and i didn’t even go out at all…i woke up in the afternoon =__= cuz i finally got to sleep…haven’t had a good sleep for 3 days….Fortunately, my dad left me a car, so i got to go to the library and do some research for my stupid research papers. and then i realized my dumb bro is already on his march break…!@$#@$#^% so then i went out to eat pho with him and dropped him off at YMCA. When i got to the library, it was already 3 something, n it closes at 5…so i just got a bunch of books and left. So much work to do!!! At night, I went out to Honest Lawyers to celebrate Vanessa’s belated birthday. It was alrite…just normal chilling.. n i got to drink my favorite cocktail, strawberry daiquiri! ^–^

Melissa, Constance, Vanessa, Me, Livia
Denise, Vanessa, Constance, Enola, Me, Melissa

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