March 2 – Snowy Day

F-ing snow storm stop coming to Toronto! y does it have to snow??? good dat today is alot better than yesterday… but there’s still quite a lot of snow tho. At least the road condition is not as bad as yesterday…Went out to the new japanese buffet to eat with Uncle and 2 red pockets from them YAY~ (^^)Y another income to my newly developed 窮人協會~ the food are pretty good compared to a lot of japanese all-you-can-eat places. But stupid people always forget to bring me tamago…i ordered 2 times n still didn’t give me my tamago…really 他媽的! @#$@#%!^ n then at the end they told me they dun have it…then y did they put it in the menu???? n e wayz it was ok…i ate a lot of other stuffs…very full~ took a picture of me eating 小丸子, i ordered them bcuz they remind me of da ones i ate in HK ^^ (not as good of course, keke)

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