My Birthday Week (Feb 17-23)

Feb 17
I"m finally 23 !!!! SO DAMN OLD~ >_<||| why am i turning this old? its happening too fast…i can’t believe im turning so old rite now…I still feel really young inside, there’s not much dramatic change so far~ well..I definitely enjoy my birthday week , since I have no school for the whole week~ Awesome ^^ Went to the new mall with Kitty for her frd’s new store opening. We went around the mall, checked out some new stuffs and went to MHQ to sing Karaoke. I didn’t no there was a 2 Hour Deal where you sing for 2 hrs and get a lunch combo with it..pretty good i think. Kitty said she is going to become Gary for me the whole day to celebrate birthday with me. I think that’s really sweet. Tho, not as good as having the real one here, but I guess its good enough ^^ 

Joined my family at night for dinner at main street, this restaurant I haven’t been for so long. The onion soup is soo good…always wana try it again. The restaurant sang me a birthday song and gave me a little gift. It was wonderful. Later the night, I went to meet up with my Ocad frds @ cafe demetre for some desserts ^^ sooo tasty~ I think I gain weights by the end of the week ><

Feb 18

Went to shopping downtown with julia,kitty and mandy. Helped julia buy some new wardrobes because I have to help her change her style of clothing haha…Makeover~!! I’m her new stylist now hehe ^^. I bought myself 3 pairs of shoes for some reason. I think im just crazy with shoes…think im gona return one pair..cuz it costs too much..and its hard to walk in those haha…duno y i still buy them in the first place tho o_O haha totally broke after that. We went to watch hannibal rising afterwards, it was ok…not as good as expecting. Kinda boring and long in the beginning too..but it was ok. And then we went to korean town to eat some pork bone soups~ soooo fulfillng and satisfied ^^ what a good day~

Feb 21

OMG….the ultimate CNY dinner has arrived. nobody wants to go… everyone is not happy with the plan of the location and the price each person has to pay for the F-ing food. it was soooo not worth it~!!!! Some people didnt even get to eat some of the food too!! Luckily, someone paid for me…unexpectedly ^^ I guess Bday girl is always a bit lucky at things..(^^)Y

Feb 22

Went to snowboarding early in the morning @ Oshawa Ski Club with Hin, tony, william and winnie. It was so fun but very tiring…I think i forgot how to snowboard haha..but i managed it at last hahaha..still need to learn how to turn ! >< I can’t feel my body the next morning… feels like i’ve grown older for 20 extra years >_<|||



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