My Awesome 23rd Birthday Party

Feb 16
My birthday celebration now begins~ no school for the coming week YAY (^^)Y so happy… Had my first birthday party at IN karaoke with all my high school friends ^^ Everyone came to celebrate my birthday, Some whom i haven’t even seen for awhile. THANKYOU everyone~!! Especially Victor, who organized everything and got everyone to come~ I also brought my closest girl friends from Ocad with me, just so I think it would be more fun keke cuz they r crazy too… And not to my surprise, it was a blast. It kinda suck that i was still sick during my birthday party but that’s ok ^^ i had medicine before i came…but everyone still wanted me to drink >.<" haha..luckily i m still alive.. i drank a lot this nite… more than i usually would. shots after shots and then a lot of soho and pineapple malibu and then at last the birthday drink….Flaming Lamborghini >_<|||

Me before my bday shot ><:::

It burns a bit inside…I can feel pretty ok after it kinda surprised..Maybe i’ve built my tolerance? o_O haha whatever..everyone went pretty high after drinking…so everyone started singing..haha and to my surprise….Marc knows some of the chinese songs that we picked!!! And he began to show off his mandarin singing…!!! OMG~ he is a gwailo too!!! Very impressive~ (^o^)b He was singing Jordon Chan and then everyone was shocked..haha so i took a video of him..too bad it was so dark..but at least i recorded his singing hahaha ^^

After that, he said he’s gona sing another song to me for my birthday. And he picked 童話!!! haha i luv this song~ and then he sang directly to me…made me blushed o^^o haha it was wonderful. It was so funny to see how all da chinese people picked english songs to sing and then da only gwailo actually chose to sing a chinese song haha…We all sang BSB songs and had a wonderful strawberry ice cream cake…hehe my first cake of my birthday week~ Thnx sooo much victor…and i even got a strawberry everything present from him hahahha ❤

Thnx everyone~ ^^


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