Winterlicious – Feb 8

Went to Auberge du Pommier for Winterlicious with with Karen tonight. We arrived a bit late..almost half an hour late..haha but dat’s ok..we still got in. It’s a very upscale french dining, like the 19th century cottage, very elegant. It was very nice to go with a friend, even tho we r both girls haha but it was all good cuz we had some very nice girl’s talk~ ^^ and also to celebrate her passing of G test. *bravo*
our menu of the night:
Potage of Golden Potato & French Shallot
confit de canard and spiced crème fraîche
Salad d’Hiver
chicorée endives tossed in cranberry vinaigrette with a chèvre and pumpkin croûton
Suprême de volaille
breast of capon on braised savoy cabbage with roast Jerusalem artichoke and lentilles du Puy jus
Entrecôte de Veau
roast veal striploin on creamy chestnut polenta with caramelized onions and Madeira sage jus
Salmon Grillée
braised fennel, roasted fingerling potato and celery root with citrus and Pernod sauce
Warm Brioche & Butter Pudding
apple purée and sauce crème anglaise
Tart au Chocolat
white chocolate sauce and milk chocolate glace
Check out the photo album >>>

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