(^o^)/ {I want more FutureSex/LoveSounds!!!}

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JT !!!!! SOOOOO DAMN HOT~ (screams~~~) yo dude…a guy like him young, sexy and hot who can dance (very sexy) , sing and play musics with instruments like piano, electric piano, guitar, bass..holy shit..its not someone whom u can meet everyday…and I definitely love guys who can sing while playing piano especally…n he is sooo cute!! i just wish our spot was a bit closer… if better the floor would be nice =D..but NOOOO we got standing ones..n seeing all these girls downstairs touching him and watching him soooo closely made me sick…I want to do dat too!!!!! >o< but luckily i got my camera with me kekeke…so i got some very hot videos…(My Love My Love~~~) ^o^ (going crazy~~) and then to my surprise….Pink was singing for the first part of da show !!! YAY~~~ PINK~ I luv pink too! AWESOME night…..(^O^ screams~~~~)

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