(V_V) Jan 26

Went to eat lunch with my frds today @ Pho 88…very surprised to find out Melissa just broke up with her bf of 5 years…n they were engaged and planning to get married next year too!! I was kind of shock..but i was kinda expecting dat to happen..duno y..since during da last reunion with her (which was right before i leave HK)..we talked about how young she was to get married and how she hasn’t experienced anything yet n decided to get married… she hasnt’ even tried clubbing dat time! and then during da time when i was in hk…she went to her first clubbing.. n she liked it a lot.. i wasn’t surprised.. I was wondering if she would ever second guess herself about how life would be for her if she’s married so early and that she is missing out a lot of stuffs…n now she is… very determined that she is better and happier on her own.. well i guess if she thinks she is happier with her single life, im happy for her as well… just that i would think is it worth it to waste a 5-yr relationship? a relationship so long that is this close to getting married? now… i really duno what to think… it seems like even the best relationship never work out in the end… i used to think they r really cute together… i always feel like they are the best couple.. even feel like a bit 老夫老妻..but then…aiii.. i guess there’s really no guarantee in life… even in relationship.. She said its been 5 years and nothing is there n e more.. very boring even tho they see each other everyday.. cuz they dun do n e thing anymore.. and eventually the flame dies… i agree a couple both needs to put in effort and sometimes do some very special things to spice up da relationship… even da longest ones… cuz i no guys tend to stop doing all surprises and sweet things after the relationship has been stablized… and eventually they take it for granted…. *sigh* I really have no confidence now…. even tho i no i shouldn’t be thinking too much n just let things go naturally….but if a couple who’s been seeing each other daily and been together for 5 years can’t even make it to the end…..then what can? a long distance relationship? I would have never imagined.

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