Constance’s Bday Party – Jan 26

Happy Birthday Constance~ Went to IN karaoke to celebrate constance’s 23rd birthday…it was so nice to see all my frds…but i would never have expected to make a big mess in the party….>________< why me? shyt…this is so bad… Cops came in to check our ID, n i was the only one who forgot mine !! sooo stupid…. They questioned me how i was able to get in, and who let me in….I had no choice but to tell them it was victor, since he works there and he knows me… ohhh mannnnnn…. it was so awful… I hope i didnt get him into trouble…but i guess not..Jon was kinda pissed off when he found out i told da cops victor’s name… cuz victor is soon to become a cop himself…n now dat they found out he disobey da procedure and let a frd of his in is putting himself at risk…. now he might not be able to become a cop~!!!! TT____TT I feel sooooo bad…. even tho everyone said i had to tell da cops n it wasn’t my fault n stuffs….but if it wasnt me…..victor would not be alrite…I hope its not gona really affect his examination of being a cop…otherwise i have no idea how im supposed to repay him…
Other than that…da party was awkward…we kinda took over the party..leaving constance’s fob frds kinda bored…n left early….victor and everyone else got a bit tipsy and kept singing BSB songs… it was kinda funny tho…^^ i even took a video of them singing…haha
Pictures of the Night >>>

 < vanessa, me and bday girl constance >

 < whole group shot >

< BA people ^^>


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