(≧o≦)/ {Help~ I’m dying~~~)

*cough cough* WHYYYYYYYYY ??????? Why am i sick???? why is this taking sooo long to recover? *cough cough* *sniff sniff* I haven’t had candies, chips, ice creams, bbt for soooo long….and I have so much work to do too!!! why??? why is this happening to me?? i have to do 100 logos on the computer by friday!! and a trillion ideas for packaging!!! shyt… TT_______TT and I want some pork bone soup…i think it will cure me for good ^^ Can’t wait to have one when i get better…cuz victor promised he will treat me one as soon as im recovered…..sooo happie~
however…i want my honey pui me da most….better than medicine =P *cough cough*

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