Night @ Repulik – Jan 20

Went to Mandarin for buffet dinner last nite. The dinner sux…i didnt eat dat much food..n each person gota pay 28$….O_O so expensive…. but then seeing everyone back was awesome…although i was being made fun of the whole night (about my life in HK) , but i guess everyone just cares about me =) I was being bothered throughout the entire dinner with questions….but dats ok..I’m willing to share my happiness. Glad to know all my frds are happy for me and gave the "approval"…=P Later, we went to daven’s house cuz da girls need to get dressed and put on the makeups… at around 12 we arrived to Republik…which was very packed….the atmosphere was kinda weird..mayb cuz its a pure white club? o_O It was all ok..until this spanish guy who suddenly appeared beside me and started talkin to me in japanese. He said im beautiful and thought im a japanese. He introduced himself to me and shoke my hand. As i was shaking his hand,he pulled me towards him n started hot dancing with me…VERY CLOSELY >_<;; n then he kissed my cheeks and attempted to go down to my neck!!!! WTF !? all my frds were like "omg, we should save Lorita" and then pushed andy to the rescue. Andy successfully pulled me away from this been tai lo…Whew~ >.<"
Here are the photos of the night.
"buffet" dinner that costs $28 and $2 for the tea that i only had 2 sip >>>

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