Holiday mode~

Hm…I think I should write my blog once again, just cuz I want someone to be able to know what’s going on with me everyday =) Although, its not really anything big happening with my life in T.O (cuz it sux here……unlike in HK…boooooooo >.<) Went to school today early…n very surprised to be on time…YAY~~~~~ ^o^ but then i realized i was soooo behind in schedule…we are already having a project..and we are supposed to show our teacher some of our ideas….WTF…I had nothing to show…>.<" when it was my turn to talk to my prof…i basically just asked him questions…haha..n dat was pretty much it.. Then ate lunch with stupid stanley cuz he came by. My next class was still da same.. I had to show my prof something, and i had nothing..cuz i m still in my holiday mode..haha didn’t do any hwk….so when it was my turn to talk to my prof..i once again asked him questions..haha.. sooo BS ..and funny to find out my prof has the same cough as me..he has been coughin for 6 weeks!!!! Please God let me recover from coughing…..hooooo fan ar… everyone thinks im gona die soon…TT____TT
After school, I went to fairview mall alone cuz I had to wait for my dad to come pick me up. I was quite surprised to find out all da big sales in the mall… really as cheap as HK!! and I actually got tempted to purchase a fur vest at a very very good price (^O^)Y unbelievable!!! I can’t believe I actually can buy something that fast right after i came back from HK…i was telling everyone dat I will not be able to shop for da next few months after HK….but then…….o_O… I will have to blame my dad..its really his fault…>.<:::
BTW, the newest issue of my company’s magazine has been published!!! Yay~ I actually quite like all da spreads I did in this issue…Even the ad at the back cover..too bad it didn’t show online…

(name of the designer appears vertically on the page)

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