+:.Daven & Kitty’s Bday @ Wasaga.:+




Our day at Wasaga Beach was fun…hehehe..well I’m pretty sure everyone was happy except for those who got sun burned..hahahah XD We didn’t really play much water fight…i was looking forward for it… it was wilson who started da whole fight….so he couldn’t blame us for getting soaked up afterwards by all of us…=P
The number ball game was fun as usual…poor karen was being thrown to da lake…so charm..T__T o well…we couldn’t do n e thing about it..cuz she lost da game..volley ball…we played pretty badly…especially BILL who gave me a "ball cookie" in da face >_< got a scar now…so sad…"Im gona kill Bill next time" XD

n then there was my tragic mango pudding which i spent a nite doing n a day picking sweet mangoes…T_T well….i didn’t no who to blame..cuz ppl put all da food under da sun tooooo early…n daven took toooooo long to come back to eat…n there wasn’t enough ice to cool da pudding..ai…so eventuallly da pudding was like..melted…sigh >,<


n then..after da game..everyone just jumped into da water…very shallow lor..hahah couldn’t even swim…n i was being dragged by Jenny to da middle of da lake..to go catch da waves…dat was like committing suicide! but catching waves were fun…altho we didn’t have a surf board..haha..but…bill n wilson bought a raft and dolphin…so we could play with..dolphin was hard to control…raft..i didn’t get to try on…T_T so sad…


after a long while of fooling in da water…we went to get tanned…hahaha after dat…we went to korean BBQ …we were separated into 4 tables…sigh..we had such a big group…n our group…our been tai group..kept on talkin about been tai stuffs…haha like human meat bun (人肉叉燒包), human meat tofu soup (人肉豆腐湯) n like this top ten punishment from china (滿清十大皓刑)… -___-||| hahaha we were soo been tai…n then we ate tiramisu cake..


our been tai group

After dinner,, we were supposed to play guitar….but stupid lovegety didnt fix da broken guitars…so me n jenny were like T__T n eventually we just stood there n watch stanley play drums……

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