+.:Jap Dinner and Dave & Busters.:+

I couldn’t wake up today..cuz of last nite’s festival…haha..woke up at 10:30 am..when i was supposed to work at 11 ..surprisingly i managed to get ready n ready to go by 10:45 hahaha…so i drove to work…i went to bk.. i opened da door..n i was like o_O" i thought i made a mistake dat it wasn’t saturday..n i should not be working..haha cuz i saw all these people from weekdays shifts..haha..my manager saw me..n he just gave me this look as if i was stupid…-___-||| so afterwork, went to play guitar with my brother @ p mall..haha..he is ging n i suck big time… n there was so many people there @ orbit..ppl were like looking at my shitty guitar skills…>.<" n e wayz..after dat…met up with my high school frds.. haven’t seen them for soo long… n then we went to this japanese restaurant called 小金井 n ate a lot of sushis n sashimis…soo good…



after sushis….we went to dave & busters to play games..haha..soo fun..ho chi play gun "foon lok tin day" 歡樂天地 gum..so we all went to play a lot of good old games… i was really good at this horse racing game..in which u roll da ball n see how many steps ur horse would go…n we got tickets~

we played quite a lot of games…we even really played horse back racing game..o wat a terrible game..hahahah all our back hurts now…wat a great work out…so stupid..i accidentally picked a retarded horse….-___-|||

and then timmee n louis went to play basketball…there was this guy who was really ging..he could get it in every single time almost….amazing! o_O ho choy…timmee n louis did a pretty good job tho…cuz a lot of guys couldn’t even shoot…hahaha…

at the end, we went to play this game where u hav to insert some tokens into the machine n see if some tokens can fall out of da pile of tokens..n hahah we did it! and we got a lot of tickets!

we ended up haveing 588 tickets to redeem our prizes..haha n da prizes sucked!! we had to divide them into 5…so we each get approximate 130…haha we couldn’t even afford a jumping rope! haha at the end..louis had to chip in some of his tickets from before..n we each got a shot glass with da logo on it..

  (me & ah bo being stupid to try on some prizes) 


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