+:.Asian Night Market @ Metro.:+

Night Market was fun this year =) ate back a lot of chinese foods dat i used to love like, curry fish balls 咖哩魚蛋, peanut butter + sugar waffle 花生醬夾心餅, white sugar waffle 白糖夾心餅, BBQ red sausage 燒紅腸, Japanese Squid balls 小丸子, turtle jelly thing (duno da english name but its called "gwai ling go" 龜苓膏), mango sago 芒果西米露…soooo good  n full…


didnt’ really pay attention to the band peforming there cuz couldn’t hear wat they were
singing >.<"



so then we went to walk around and eventually we stopped at this fishing booth. we were supposed to scoop up the fishes with this paper spoon..

well then, Jenny, May and Daven decide to give it a shot….Everyone thought it’s quite hard, but they sorta got a lot of fishes and…somehow they got very addicted to it..n kept on paying for more tries..so then at the end Jenny got 3 fishys, May got 4 and daven got 8…soo ging ! and eventually a lot of people started to crowd around us…hehe we brought some business! n then May gave me one of her fishes  hehe..yay! i got fishy too~ i named him "Wa Dee"…refering to Andy Lau =P) n jenny named hers "Rain 1,2,3" and Daven’s 6 (twins + cookies) hahaha XD






(my cutie Wa Dee ^o^)

Afterwards, we left cuz it was getting dark. so we brought our fishyes to play guitar! hahaha XD so fun.. next we went to BBT n played this new number card game that jenny taught me..hahah sooo fun.. me n jenny were sooo good at playing..that we beat the guys up.. XD yay for our "Witch" team! sooo fun….then we just went home..haha n i passed by "Amigo Restaurant" and saw my poster at the entrance…hehehe…n i went to take a picture !

when i got home…it was like 2 somthing already…my Wa Dee was not swimming already..i think he was sleeping.. he was floating around but his gills were still moving…so i think he’s alive…..
BUT~~~~~ this morning when i woke up….T_________T my fishy was rolled over n was floating to the surface…..nooooooooooooooooo my Wa Dee~… soooo sad..soo terrible..not even a day…n my fishy is dead…sooo charm~~~!!!! his eyes were still opened wide like…O_O staring at me gum…>.< im sorry Wa Dee…soo sad…ai…n my dad told me to flush it into the toilet… i couldn’t even look at him as i flush it down…=*( bye bye Wa Dee..Rest in peace…
** In Memory of My Fishy Wa Dee**


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